Kalee Tan: A Smart Poker Player

She is a lady poker player .Her home town is Victoria .Her country of origin was Canada. Her Casino Winnings are $22,441.Her career titles were unfortunately 0. She had two carrier cashes. Kalee Tan has 0 bracelets and zero final tables as well.

In the world poker tournament she had 0 winnings, 0 cashes, 0 championships and also 0 final tables. In the European poker tour unfortunately she had the same performance .She had 0 cashes 0 winnings 0 championship and also 0 final tables. Her recent clashes were it was held on the July 10 2006. It was the event 15 of ladies. This tournament had no limits

It was the 2006 37th annual world series of the poker tournament. She had winnings of $4,106. Her next recent clashes were held on the 15th of the year 2005. It had no limits it was the hold’em championship it was the 36th annual world series of the world poker tournament of the year 2005. $18,335 were here total winnings of that year. She also could unfortunately not achieve the world’s best rank and also could not even come on any of the rankings in any of her world tournaments played by her. She was a player of her own town. Read more