The National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) has opined against federal online poker corroboration. It is also said to have informed the Congress that individual states should adopt their own laws on this matter. In its arguments written by a couple of lawmakers, NCSL has cited the Department of Justice’s ruling in December which stated that Federal Wire Act of 1961 apply only to sports betting. NCSL feels that the rule will permit individual states to come up with their own laws regarding online gambling games such as poker.

In a letter the representatives of Alabama and Hawaii, have stated that the NSCL believes that the Federal Government needs to respect the verdict of the Justice Department and it will combat any efforts undertaken by Congress to block state authority over internet gaming. NCSL once again re-affirmed themselves in the letter believing that each individual state need to take control over their own gambling laws and adopt online gambling policies which they deem fit. The letter further added that states for long have been able to choose whether any other form of gambling should be legal or not and have been pretty successful in its regulation.

It is not only NCSL which have this belief, but many state run lotteries are also opposed to federal law regarding online gambling. However, several top casino companies are fully behind any federal plan to renovate gambling laws across America and the American Gaming Association is also behind federal law.