Vladimir Troyanovskiy started playing poker with great excellence

Vladimir is a player who has won the various bracelets, cashes as well as casinos in the poker game. Total number of casino he won is $3,303,569.

Vladimir won total 37 casino. He enjoys a lot to play at the Hold’Em event. Winning cashes are very much difficult for him in each match. Vladimir has no good score in all the poker tournaments which he has played at the international poker tournament, but this player is great by his game and not by name what he believes.

In the world series of poker tournament we can see his records

He has won titles at the world series of poker tournament. In total 2 casino, he has total winnings of $56,333. Vladimir has not won single bracelet. Final tables are not on his name. He always struggles lot to win each match. Vladimir likes to win tournaments and make cashes, but he is not triumph in many cash. Many cashes and titles are on his name in the world poker tournament. He also has played at the local poker tournament for long time.

One can win the match with great skills and practice what he believes and so he struggles in each and every match to get score and makes the match very super in entire poker tournament. He is a player of great strategy in the game in entire poker tournament. He has played at the European poker tournaments. Total winning of $1, 232,23 in his account. Vladimir is a card player who has not played at the world poker, but has performed better at the European poker tournament. Vladimir has won 6 cashes on his account. He has good ranking in the entire series at Hold’Em event. Vladimir has 138 ranks in the world poker tournament. Poker player that has won the targets what he aims. Lot of practice makes him to achieve targets.